Off the Grid

Today we set out to new territory and boy did it pay off. We left out of Corpus Christi, TX at seven this morning, the crew was as follows; my father Frank Townsend, Lloyd Jones and I. We launched our Hells Bay Professional and ran about thirteen miles winding through creeks and marshes till it opened up in to some beautiful back lakes. Our plan was to sight fish for four hours and head home as we had other plans for the day. As we started poling and searching for Redfish everyone was very optimistic as there were small bait fish scattering all around.  We were fishing a falling tide so we new we had limited time where we were located. After a few minutes we started seeing tailing redfish feeding along the bank of the lake. My father was first cast and he hooked up to a solid 27″ redfish, this is what we were looking for, since we were scouting for the upcoming Rudy’s Redfish Rivalry tournament. After a clean release, we continued on, as we turned another corner my dad was back on a solid redfish, although this one was oversized, we still enjoyed the fight. Now it was my turn to get in the action, as we rounded another creek in the back lake, we saw a school of 15 plus fish tailing in two foot of water, we knew this fish were all big. My dad was the first one to hook up and I casted right behind him, we ended up with a double, after quick measurements, my dads was 33″ and mine was 35″. We all enjoyed the fight and soon released them healthy back into the water. Lloyd later got in the action and released two solid fish one under 28″ and one right at 27″, this is what we were looking for. We all had a beautiful day catching trout, flounder and redfish, especially since it was a half day. If anyone is interested in getting in on the action and adventure, feel free to give me a call, for sight fishing with spinning gear or fly fishing we can help put you on the fish. 361-500-2788.

William Townsend

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